Premium Leads ranks a startup on the first page of Google in 6 weeks

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Premium Leads manages to position on the first page of Google in a month and a half.

The Company

In 2015, with the exponential growth of high-end mobile devices, the market demanded specific insurance., was born in the Ipglobal incubator to cover that need.

It was a non-competitive microniche where the startup achieved a reference position in less than a month, thanks to the strategy of Premium Leads.

The success of the product caught the attention of international buyers, making the first exit of the incubator just one year after its creation.

Challenge is a new service and a new brand that is launched on the market in December 2015. The goal of the company was to position itself on the first page of Google, in the minimum possible time, in a sector as filled as insurance and with keywords as generic and competitive as they can be insurance and mobile.


When was launched in December 2015, it was not ranking on Google and received hardly any visitors.

The SEO strategy of Premium Leads was launched in combination with two products of the Ipglobal GroupWebphone  and Freewic.

Freewic‘s technology allows users to access Wi-Fi connections at airports and other public spaces free of charge while offering a platform for advertisers that can impact those users with advertising actions.

Performing a single video campaign Freewic exponentially increased traffic to the web, receiving 256,603 visitors in just 15 days.

In January, a campaign to generate leads using Webphone was launched. Thanks to the technology click-to-call, users could contact for free with a commercial of, achieving a lead conversion of more than 15%.

In January of 2016, was already in the first position on Google.

Throughout the process, special attention was paid to the usability of the website, allowing the user to know the final price of their insurance in just three clicks. The contact form was simplified as far as possible, enhancing the usability. Other improvements were added, like the monthly fractionated payment, reducing significantly the abandonment in the purchase process.


With the help of Premium Leads, was ranked in a record time in the top positions of Google.

In addition, thanks to the optimization of landing pages with Lander and the use of Webphone, the conversion was optimized and sales grew every month.

Soon the success of caught the attention of international buyers, finally selling itself to the multinational company Wertgarantie. The startup thus became the first exit of the Ipglobal incubator.