In our team, you will find professionals passionate about their jobs that will help you grow your business.


Having our headquarters in A Coruña, one of the windiest cities in Spain, has molded our character: the capacity of adapting ourselves to constant changes is engraved in our Atlantic DNA. We are aware of the complexity of the digital environment, of the speed of technological evolution, of the algorithm updates that lay down the law in online browsers…We know how to deal with all kind of situations and to adapt ourselves to unforeseen changes.

Premium Leads emerges from an idea: to design, implement and analyze digital strategies assuming a business model aimed to success. We grow if our clients grow. We have the team, the tools, the experience and the willing to drive new projects forward. We like to reach new goals, shaping ourselves to the features of each business and market.

Premium Leads is a part of Ipglobal Tech Hub Group.



We study each individual case and apply a customized strategy based on innovation and resourcefulness.

Loyalty and commitment

The whole team will be engaged with any project from the very beginning.


Just as we know about our strengths, we are aware of our limits. Our objective is to cross them.

Work environment

It’s not only about doing a great work, but to do it happily.
At Premium Leads, we pay attention to every single detail.

Team work

5 minutes away from the beach

Using cutting-edge technology

Headquarters in A Coruña and Madrid


Put faces to the inquiring minds at Premium Leads

Iago González

Juan Antonio Barbero

Alejandra Chamorro

Business Development

Always looking for new business opportunities, their goal is to grow. They are in charge of supervising that everything runs smoothly, from the beginning to the success.

SEO + Content

Always aiming for the first place, their main goal is to push our clients to the top of all organic searches. They are in charge of implementing optimized strategies and creating appealing content so that the positioning is unbeatable.

David Merelas

Gonzalo Tellado

Bruno Carreira

Pepe Mansilla

Uxía Graña

Content Marketing

Definitely, the most updated people of the team. They are in charge of creating attractive and refined content so your position in browsers is unbeatable.

PPC + CRO + Analysts

Strategy experts, they are always awaiting for results while keeping an eye on the progress.

Alejandro Lorenzo

Cristina Lameiro

Jaime Gómez


The most technical members of the team. They work together in order to develop our products, sharing both responsability and quality in each iteration.

Antonio Cambados

Pilar Mirás

África Romero

Pedro Fraile

David González

Carlos Sanchidrián

Samuel Núñez

Emmanuel González