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Premium Leads increases Miramar Cruises leads acquisition in the international market.

The Company

Miramar Cruises is one of the online cruise-selling leader agencies in Spain, France and Latin America. From its beginning in 2012, more than 30.000 passengers have boarded with them, making it one of the most established travel startups in Spain.

Miramar is the official representative of the most relevant shipping companies of the market, collecting agreements with more than 30 companies of this type. Both the personalized attention to the client and the company’s specialization in the cruise industry mark the difference with other similar companies.

The Challenge

Miramar is a company based entirely on the online channel. Before contacting Premium Leads, almost 100% of its acquisition was achieved through Google Adwords, leading to a consequent increase in CPL costs.

The travel market is overcrowded when it comes to competitors, and this gets even worse in the case of cruise agencies: there is not only a competition among themselves, but also a competition towards other big multinational companies with departments focused on the travel industry. And we must not take for granted shipping companies themselves, as they are turning more digital year by year.

In this case, there were two clear challenges: to decrease the CPL in paid media and to conquer SERPs in organic traffic. 

The Solution

Premium Leads raised an integral strategy aimed to increase organic traffic and, therefore, the number of leads acquired both from Miramar Cruises’ web and the online cruise agencies industry, by means of creating landing pages for Spain, France and Italy.

This challenge meant a competition with shipping companies and cruise searchers that had been on Google’s top for many years. To reach first position, many usability testings and CRO  improvements took place, until we were able to offer the best experience for the users.

Any visitor could enter our searchers and find with few clicks the best prices from departure and arrival ports.


“We knew that contacting Premium Leads would be a success from the very beginning, and that we could work on the same win-to-win line with the same motivations and objectives.”

Hugo Iglesias, Miramar Cruises’ general manager


Webphone implementation favoured a fast warm-lead acquisition, increasing sales and conversion for Miramar. The use of Webphone has been very positive to acquire a bigger amount of leads, since an agent would always be available to solve clients’ doubts or book a cruise.

The high specialization of Webphone agents in this field make bookings possible in a matter of minutes, thanks to Miramar’s advisory services.

The Results

Once users started finding exactly what they were looking for in our landings, Miramar Cruises started escalating rankings and taking over SERPs for a wide variety of searchs. This helped extending Miramar’s network in a more optimal way than before.

In the last year, with a combined strategy of  PPC + SEO, we have achieved a 156% of leads for Miramar, a 97% of sales and a decrease of the 50% in CPA costs, in comparison to the previous year. This constant growing led to the increasing importance of Premium Leads in the Miramar case.


“What we like the most about Premium Leads is their human touch and the broad range of possibilities they can bring: expertise, reactivity and innovation.”

Hugo Iglesias


Up until now, this project keeps on growing at cruising speed -how else?- and being the proof that you can compete directly with those more established brands and in all types of international markets.