Maestralia, a Major Bet in the Training Field 5 months ago


Learn how our new website works – a price comparison portal in the training, educational and career-guidance sector.

The rise of price comparison businesses has increased the number of websites dedicated to comparing and analyzing products and services of all kinds. In this context, Premium Leads has executed several projects and strategies in different business sectors, obtaining great success stories, especially in the field of telecommunications.

Maestralia is another step in our search engine positioning and lead generation strategy, this time in the educational and training sector. After applying our expertise in similar business projects, we have developed a website with different sections – knowledge areas and training centers, as well as our own search engine tool.


web maestralia

Qualified Lead Generation for Training Centers

The Maestralia website provides qualified leads in a very competitive sector – the training and education field. This is its added value, since the site doesn’t require a sign up or registration process. The initial phase of the project is to analyze the user’s behavior, so the website can constantly improve in terms of usability.


‘Fomento Profesional’ and ‘Digital Innovation Center’: at the top of their class

This project is being run with two business agreements with ‘Fomento Profesional’ and with ‘Digital Innovation Center’, with a repertoire of more than 150 courses. Fomento Profesional has a long history as a training center with online courses, with more than 20 offices in Spain, 3,000 collaboration agreements and a team with more than a hundred employees. On the other hand, Digital Innovation Center has become a national reference within the digital marketing sector.

While analyzing the results of the first weeks, Maestralia’s next steps will be focused on expanding its portfolio of training centers, some of them being already nearly closed.

Take a look at the Maestralia website and join its community in Linkedin and Facebook.

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