Our Sweet First Anniversary 11 months ago

aniversario premium leads

It’s often said that first times are the most beautiful. The most innocent, the most endearing, the most memorable… And that’s how our first anniversary has been.

The cake’s candle was just a 1, we were excited as children and some of our team members do have skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. But the Premium Leads team is battle-hardened in the field of digital marketing (and some of us are turning into a silver fox). This team was born within the Ipglobal Group, and we’re still a part of it. After several years in this company, it was only in April 2018 when Premium Leads started its own journey and expanded its business horizons.

Premium Leads Team (Ipglobal Group)

This journey was originally led by our Premium Leader, Iago González, and followed by 8 colleagues. In this first anniversary, the team is now composed by 14 professionals of different areas within the digital marketing field: Analytics, Content, SEM, SEO, Web Development… This staff is always willing to start new and ambitious projects, relying on our broad experience in online marketing and on our adaptability to any issue in the digital sector.

Outisde the office, we had time to develop our team’s culture in multiple fields: from a cooking challenge to celebrate Ipglobal’s 15th anniversary, to the I Carrera de las Empresas, held in Betanzos. We also had time to share more joyful and colorful moments, but since this is the company’s blog, we’ll save them for ourselves.

Premium Leads Team Culture

To commemorate this sweet moment with the rest of Ipglobal colleagues and family members (Webphone, Pilgrim), we held a breakfast with delicious hot chocolat, churros, fruit (for the fit people) and a delicious personalized cake from Tartamóvil. And since a birthday is nothing without a toast or a hashtag, we have honored ourselves with a sip of Alma Atlántica #ChampagneBreakfast

champagne breakfast Premium Leads

We’d like to thank our customers and colleagues from Ipglobal to help us growing day a day. We hope to continue being this much (and even more) Premium by your side!

Premium Leads Anniversary

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